Configure the Path to mySQL Socket in Symfony2

This was surprisingly not clear in the documentation!

In parameters.yml configure the default database lines like so:

    database_driver:   pdo_mysql
    database_host:     localhost
    database_port:     null

Then add:

unix_socket:  /tmp/mysql.sock

Finally, in config.yml, add this line to the doctrine config

    unix_socket: "%unix_socket%"

Drupal Region Names in behat.yml

The region_map feature in the Drupal Behat Extension allows steps like this:

I should see the text "This is the first blog" in the "content-left" region

But it turns out that the names for regions should not contain the dash character: -  I kept getting this error:

The "content-left" region isn't configured!

When I could see it in the behat.yml file:


Adding Body Classes from Context Dynamically on Page Manger Pages

A site I'm building is organized in sections using the Workbench suite paired with a taxonomy.  I've built section landing pages in Page Manager, part of the Chaos Tools module.  Page Manager allows us to set urls of the type section_landing/% where the % represents a term id in the taxonomy used to section the site via Workbench.